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When it’s time for glasses for your child, you definitely need a supportive and compassionate eye care team that understands how to prescribe and precisely fit pediatric eyeglasses. At Great Neck Opticians in Great Neck, New York, experienced optometrists Yelena Pinkhasova, OD, and Eleonora Tamayeva, OD, are ready to help your whole family get the best eye care. Book now through the online tool or by calling the office.

Pediatric Eyeglasses Q & A

What are the signs that my child may need pediatric eyeglasses?

Children often give clear signs that they have vision problems, even if they’re still too little to verbalize that need, or even if they just don’t understand the problem. Some things to watch for include:

  • Squinting their eyes
  • Tilting their head to the side often
  • Rubbing their eyes frequently
  • Avoiding tasks that require clear vision, like reading

If your child is school age, you might get reports of poor behavior from their teacher, or their grades might start to decline sharply. If you notice or hear about any of the things above, arrange an appointment at Great Neck Opticians as soon as possible.

What if my child is still a baby, or is too young for an eye test?

That's fine — Great Neck Opticians has solutions for all ages, even infants. If your young child has eye issues, but they're not old enough to take any type of eye tests, Dr. Pinkhasova or Dr. Tamayeva can perform a comprehensive eye exam.

In this exam, the doctor dilates your child's eyes and then determines eye correction needs using a specialized instrument called a retinoscope, which measures reflections from the retina. This can work for any age, even babies.

How can I stop my child from removing their glasses?

This is a common problem, and Great Neck Opticians has solutions. Properly fitting children with their glasses is the first step. When glasses are comfortable and do their job of vision correction, your child is much less likely to remove them.

For young children, wraparound glasses that stay firmly on their head is another good possibility. When kids are still young, they may be more likely to break their glasses, which is why shatterproof lenses and frames are excellent options.

How often should my child get new glasses?

The American Optometric Association recommends eye exams at 6-12 months, 3-5 years, and then once a year from first grade onward. Your child may need new glasses after their eye exam every year, although their prescription may not change. Often, your child may just need updated frames after a year of daily wear.

Great Neck Opticians customizes pediatric eyeglass for your child’s unique needs. Book your child’s appointment online or by phone today.